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Welcome To Sivan Yoga

Sivan Yoga invites you withdraw in Rishikesh, Costa Rica, Spain , Thailand or Indonesia. The experience is substantially more than only a lodging with yoga. Sivan Yoga Re­treat is a transformational, motivating, and groundbreaking knowledge and a standout amongst the most legitimate spots to learn and rehearse yoga in Rishikesh, Costa Rica, Spain , Thailand or Indonesia. We provide excellent facilities and amenities in all our locations. The scene and the surroundings are totally dazzling, there are no words to portray them. You will be surrounded by the views that are breathtaking and nurturing. You may influence disclosures here that will to make a noteworthy move in your cognizance and even be the start of a noteworthy change in your way of life. What’s more, you will meet some astounding individuals and make some new companions forever.

Yoga at Sivan

Sivan Yoga Retreats are held the in Rishikesh, Spain, Costa Rica , Thailand and Indonesia The homes to the Sivan Yoga Academy that offers Yoga Teacher Training courses. If you are not ready for such a serious commitment, you can choose to just do a yoga vacation, which is our signature yoga retreat program – on your own time, available 365 days a year. If you have been living in a city and would really like to kick-start a new healthier lifestyle, our detox program may be the perfect solution perfect for that.
Sivan is the ideal place to practice yoga, find like-minded people, eat healthy food, and evolve in an amazing natural environment.


Are you ready to take your yoga practice to the next level? Sivan Academy offers 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training Program at all Locations.


Our signature yoga vacation is an ongoing yoga retreat program available 365 days a year.


Daily schedule of yoga classes and pricing for local residents and visitors. Free meditation daily.

DETOX @ Sivan

Not your average detox. You do not need to starve or do colonics with our programs, and you can still be active. We provide Ayurvedic and Satvik Melas and Detox Programs


Not staying at Sivan? Not a problem! Spend a day practicing yoga, eating healthy food and enjoying our spa.


A personal Yoga or Meditation Program is a series of private lessons with a yoga instructor which are custom designed.

Why we do Yoga

Sivan and The Volition of Yoga

Sivan is Maha Yogi “Shiva” Inspired by the notion of personal integration and evolution, our founder, Shivam developed the Sivan Method to reflect his deeply held belief that yoga can be a tool of transformation: a means to helping individuals evolve physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically, and spiritually.

Shivam teaches yoga in Rishikesh- Himalayas, Costa Rica, Spain, Thailand and Indonesia most of the year when he is not otherwise training or teaching in other countries. Born in India, with extensive time spent in Europe, America and Asia, Shivam is very much a global yogi with a global vision. Shivam’s passion for yoga blossomed in 1998 when he set out on his own journey of self-discovery through Himalayas. Having been trained at Bihar School of Yoga, The premier and the oldest “ The Yoga institute” and Yog Vedanta Forest Academy at Sivananda Ashram Himalayas, he employs all the tools and shares his learnings with all the students without reservation.