About Us

The Sivan Yoga brand is mission driven to provide welcoming, beginner-friendly, and accessible yoga studios that foster and support community and the environment. This reflects Sivan’s understanding and commitment to yoga as a practice supporting physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, and community health and wellness. Sivan Yoga Teacher Training Program is geared towards our mission of supporting the traditional system and applying to contemporary needs of our communities.

Sivan Yoga’s vision is that each program reflects our belief that yoga is a practice for everyone and that we support this in every aspect of our business. We envision that our mission is delivered with friendliness, warmth, and in locations that are built and maintained with the health and respect of the environment as essential to all wellness. Our vision includes empowering studio owners with the tools necessary to be instantly successful and situated for and growth. And imagine the result of what we have created: health, wellness, and happiness for those who come to us to practice because we’ve lived up to our mission and vision with the highest possible quality of teaching, class offerings, and training opportunities.

  • We value the practice of yoga for the social, emotional, physical, intellectual and community health and well-being it supports.
  • We value individuality, flexibility, commitment and dedication in how we work as a team of dedicated Yogis.
  • We value community in every Location and amongst our students, teachers, support staff and our corporate team.
  • We value the health of the studio environment and the health of the environment as a whole.
  • We value innovation and technology in serving the practice and making it more available.

Sivan Yoga Teachers Training, Retreats and Personal Programs are transformational, motivating, and groundbreaking knowledge and a standout amongst the most legitimate spots to learn and rehearse yoga .

Sivan Yoga derives its name from the learnings of the founder at Sivananda Ashram at Rishikesh , Himalayas. Sivan also is another name of great yogi, Lord Shiva. The Sivan Method is based on individual evolution and spiritual development. The concept of “evolution of yoga” is centered on the notion that everything in the world evolves constantly. Our primary goal is evolution, and yoga can be seen as a tool to facilitate that.

We are dedicated to serving the Yoga Community Globally. We strive to provide best in class experience both in our Sivan System in Teaching and in our Choice of Wonderful Locations.

Our Commitment is to the community we serve hence 50 % of our profits are distributed amongst deserving non- profit educational entities, Healthcare Organization and Hospice care.